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South Park City Museum

We didn’t find Jimmy or Cartman in our visit to Fairplay, Colorado but, we did tour the South Park City Museum – one of the best period correct displays of the Frontier Mining era of Old West.

Please enjoy the extensive photo gallery found HERE.

South Park City is an open-air museum located at the west end of Front Street in the town of Fairplay in Park County, Colorado. The museum is a historic reconstruction of a mining town from the days of the Colorado Gold Rush and the later Colorado Silver Boom in South Park in the late 1850s through the 1880s.

The museum contains thirty-five authentic relocated buildings filled with over 60,000 artifacts that depict many of the economic and social aspects of life in a gold or silver mining town in Colorado in the late 19th century. Two of the buildings, the South Park Brewery and the Summer Saloon, are listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

A log structure known as “Father Dyer’s Chapel” was a hotel in Montgomery, Colorado but was dismantled, moved to Fairplay, and rebuilt as a church in 1868. It is named for John Lewis Dyer, the itinerant Methodist clergyman who preached in the area from 1861 to 1877 and is one of the sixteen founders of Colorado memorialized in the Colorado State Capitol in Denver.

The museum was opened in 1959 after two years of preparation by the South Park Historical Foundation. It is open daily from mid-May to mid-October.

2017 Solar Eclipse 360 Degree “Virtual Reality” Video

After helping some friends out at the 2017, Best In The Desert, Vegas to Reno Desert Race, we ventured up from the Pony Express Trail near Silver Springs, NV to Weiser, Idaho in the Outback of the USA to witness the Solar Eclipse in Totality. Weiser is a great little town that just suffered through a horrible winter that damaged many homes and buildings. The town pulled it all together and presented a great weekend full of festivities and small town hospitality.

The video is about 9 minutes long capturing the total eclipse a bit after 3 minutes in. During the entire duration, we witnessed the changing light and felt the temperature changes. When totality occurred, the entire town let out a cheer, which you can here on the video.

Remember, this is a 360 degree video – you can pan all around and look up or down. It’s like being there. For best results, view the video on a desktop or laptop computer. The Youtube Mobile interface for the video does not always render the 360 degree, VR experience.

You may alo want to try this link directly –

The video size is about 9 gigabytes so, you will need a fast Internet connection. Enjoy, and please feel free to share.

Update August 24th, 2017 – See this interactive map of 2017, Solar Eclipse reports.

Congratulations Hal Russell!

A few times in your lifetime, you will meet an “Inspiration”.

At the finish line in Oregon!

Hal Russell, a retired, 68 year old from Osceola Missouri is “just that” and just finished the toughest bicycle race on the planet – the inaugural “American Trail Race” of 5100+ miles of unsupported “by yourself”, all back county travel in the Outback of the USA from North Carolina to Oregon, including some of the most dry and desolate lands and the highest mountain passes in our nation. Hal was one of 12 that started and of the 8 that finished. The trip took 63 days to complete! That’s right, 63 days in the saddle.

Hal Russell near Silverton, Colorado – July 6th 2017

My son, a close friend and I met Hal in Silverton Colorado as he was passing through on July 6th. He had just descended from Cinnamon Pass at 12640′.

Within 5 minutes of conversation, it was clear that Hal was inspiring. We invited Hal to share dinner and the inspiration really took hold – not a complaint, not a negative comment, only I will finish, that was fun, the people are great, this is an adventure and “thank you”, especially when I dug a “Choco Taco” icecream bar out of the freezer. I will never forget how his eyes lit up when he saw that! Hal also shared his time in the Vietnam War and how his cycling helps him deal with that horrible experience.

Almost out of water but still smiling! Hal Russell near Green River, Utah – July 9th 2017

A few days later, we caught up with Hal again near Green River, UT in a dry, desolate desert region far, far different than the alpine splendor of the San Juan Mountains in Colorado. Hal was low on water and 12 miles from Green River. We had plenty of water and two big PayDay candy bars, his favorite trail fuel. Hal “kept on” into Green River and of course the rest of the entire route where he experienced incredibly wild weather conditions (see below) that are beyond anything I could have imagined.

Congratulations Hal Russell! You are an incredible inspiration for this 61 year old and also for my 16 year old son. We will both be talking about you tomorrow morning as we pursue our increased fitness goals because of you! I will also make it a point to see you on the trail again next year somewhere in the mountains of Colorado. And lastly, you have planted a seed. Just maybe, maybe I could do one of the shorter races. It is a new goal. Thank you!

Reference Links

  • The American Trail Race –  LINK
  • The American Trail Race – LINK
  • Hal Russell on Facebook  LINK
  • Audio Report of WEATHER – MTB Cast  LINK
  • MTB Cast Audio Report – Hal thanks everyone  LINK

The full scoop!

Silverton Colorado, 2017 4th of July Parade Ride Along in 360

This came out well. We always try to participate in the Silverton 4th of July parade as it i makes for 30-45 minutes of non-stop smiles. This new 360 degree video let’s me share the experience with you. It is a very large Youtube file so, beware of that.  Once loaded and after you click the “Play” arrow, you can pan the video 360 degrees to see the crowds the fun from the Silverton Fire Department and the beauty of this OutbackUSA, small town and its surroundings. Please enjoy!

For best results, view the video on a desktop or laptop computer. The Youtube Mobile interface for the video does not always render the 360 degree, VR experience.

You may also want to try this link directly –

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