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Updated 2715hrs September 20th, 2022

–In Lander, Wyoming

After deeply experiencing the great pioneer history of our country by standing in the middle of the trails that so many hardy, brave, and truly pioneering Americans passed through at Parting of The Ways we made our way to Lander, Wyoming for a multi-day stay and exploration of this central path of American progress.

Below are a few links to check out and always click on the high resolution photo gallery links Yes, the big photos take time to load but theses galleries will hopefully stand the test of time and will be around when such large files are displayed instantly.

Lander was previously known as Pushroot, Old Camp Brown and Fort Augur. Its present name was chosen in 1875 in reference to General Frederick W. Lander, a transcontinental explorer who surveyed the Oregon Trail’s Lander Cutoff.


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Pioneer Village, Museum of the American West and The Fremont County Pioneer Museum are both great stops in your pioneer trail exploration.

Checkout the High Resolution Photo Gallery of the Museums.

— Along the Trail between Lander and Casper, Wyoming,

Before we get into the superb history and detail of some of the major points of interest along our route, I share with you these images that depict the natural beauty and old yet, evolving history of rural Wyoming.

– The town that was once named “Home on the Range“. A semi-modern era ghost town. What happened here???

The town still has a few habitants and a stream of cross-country cyclists every summer as it is along the ACA Trans America Cyclist Route. We witnessed a few hearty souls riding hard against the Wyoming Wind, in the solace of their being with nature.

Independence Rock is one of the most famous landmarks along the trail and indeed it remains so today with the trails and facilities well worn from the folks that stop for a break along a major rural, Wyoming Highway.

– Down the road and around the corner, here and there and over yonder, you will stumble upon the superb simplicity and beauty of the rural, Wyoming lifestyle. Here are a few, with more in the High-Resolution photo gallery.

The Shepherd’s Wagon – built better than most RV’s today!

A truly beautiful stone barn along the highway.

–Next is South Pass City and Atlantic City Wyoming. I promise!

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