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Lincoln Highway and Pioneer Trails Trip, Summer 2022 – Part 1

Updated 2014hrs August 22nd, 2022

Overview – What an outstanding trip – 27 days, 16 camps, 4600 miles of backroad bliss on The Lincoln Highway and immense emersion in the tremendous history of the 19th Century Western Pioneers of the USA.

There is so very much to cover here that I will be making dozens of blog post updates to this one to do justice to the various aspects of the trip that we experienced.

As a guide, here are the Google Maps references in image and link form. Please note, that I broke these up due to the limitations and inflexibility of Google Maps which attempts to force us to stay on the Interstate.

Outbound – Home to Gothenberg, NE –

2022 Lincoln Highway Trip, Outbound Map

Return Trip – Gothenberg, NE to Pine Bluffs, WY –

Return Trip – Pine Bluffs, WY to Home –

I also urge you to visit and become acquainted with the Lincoln Highway Association website and their splendid, interactive map that allows you to choose and follow the Lincoln Highway and see the various Points of Interest in your trip planning – all while you are driving.

Website Link –
Interactive Map –

Home to Goldfield, NV

Passing through Beatty, NV on the way to Goldfield, our first overnight destination, we stopped for an impromptu interview one of the prospective weather burros for KGFN – Radio Goldfield. Like the rest of his brethren, he mostly interested in beer! We did not have any .. yet.

In Goldfield, NV we visited our good friends, Carl and Pattie Brownfield, the mainstay behind Radio Goldfield. We also visited the International Car Forest of the Last Church | Open Air Gallery | Nevada Art ( as well as some of the other historic sites in town.

See the GOLDFIELD NV GALLERY for High-Resolution photos.

– Overall, the comedy and good vibes of Goldfield can be summed up in this roadside sign. This is real – a good, Goldfield local was actually selling snakes.

‘During my morning walk in Goldfield – this old station is loaded with stuff from the day it closed, many decades ago.

The International Car Forest of The Last Church.

The (reportedly) Haunted Goldfield Hotel.

Links to visit!

Goldfield, Nevada Mining History

See the GOLDFIELD NV GALLERY for High Resolution photos around town as well as the Car Forest.

In Virginia City, NV

One of the most historic towns in Nevada and very near the original Lincoln Highway, is Virginia City, NV – the home of the Great Comstock Lode, one of the most prosperous mining districts in the history of the United States.

On this trip, we stopped in for 3 days to visit family and to attend the Chili on the Comstock, ICS Chili Cookoff event.

The following links cover more info on this great town and the cookoff.

Chili on the Comstock, ICS Chili Cookoff
Virginia City, Nevada History
Virginia City, Nevada – Wikipedia
Virginia City, Nevada Mining History

See the VIRGINIA CITY, NV GALLERY for High-Resolution photos.

Virginia City to Austin, NV

The next leg took us very deep into the “Nevada Outback USA”, traversing The Loneliest Highway – US50, the Old Lincoln Highway. Here are a few entries from along the way.

Middlegate Station. Walk right into history by entering this old Pony Express and Overland Stage Station. The bar building itself is built with the remnants from the old Statge building from 1859. The food is great and the super friendly staff make it even better.

Middlegate Station Home Website
Middlegate Station @ Travel Nevada

See the VIRGINIA CITY TO AUSTIN, NV GALLERY for High-Resolution Photos.

Cold Springs Transcontinental Telegraph Repeater Station. The demise of the Pony Express happened quickly as the first Transcontinental Telegraph Line was completed between Omaha, NE and Carson City, NV on October 24th, 1861. This first line followed the original Pony Express route very closely. There were numerous, manned repeater stations complete with accommodations, batteries and repair equipment to keep the traffic going. The ruins of the Cold Springs, NV station is within walking distance of the Pony Express Station and can still be visited to this day. A side note: The “repeater function” was 100% manual, each message was decoded and repeated by human beings.

If you have more interest in old time telecommunications, please visit our Facebook Group at

First Transcontinental Telegraph – Wikipedia
Wiring a Continent – by James Gamble

— In Austin, NV

Looking west into town along the Lincoln Highway.

Another important mining town in Nevada history is Austin NV, deep in the outback – 111 miles to the nearest Wal(zombie)mart. There are numerous historic buildings in Austin, starting with Stokes Castle, which was built for some spoiled rich kids back in the day that inhabited it just once.

The spoiled clowns didn’t even like this view.

Another more meaningful experience in history is the Gridley Store.

On our way into Austin, we noticed that the roadway was starting to turn brown and it seemed to be moving… Mormon Crickets – millions of them, everywhere! The darkest colored area of the roadway were the crickets crushed by the vehicles that then became a midday meal for their brethren. Hmmm.. was this where the Donner Reed Party learned their most ominous survival skills? More on them in a future post.

Links to visit:

Austin, Nevada Chamber of Commerce Website
Stokes Castle on Atlas Obscura
Austin, Nevada Mining History
Mormon Crickets – Wikipedia

See the AUSTIN, NV GALLERY for High-Resolution Photos.

— In and around Eureka, NV.

My first of a few “Then and Know” photos of historic settings. The large building is the Eureka County courthouse in the late 19th century and now, in June of 2022.

With a population of 480, Eureka is the largest community in Eureka County. and a long ways from where your trip likely started and will end on any given day so, take a break and check out a few of the attractions.

We visited the Sentinel Museum which covers many aspects of early life in this town.

Also, the restored Eureka Opera House.

Checkout this old bar room of the Owl Club. If the walls could speak!

Onward and down the road to Ely, NV. It is somewhere out there.

Links to visit:

Eureka, Nevada Official Website
Eureka Sentinel Museum
Eureka, Nevada Mining History
The Owl Club

See the EUREKA, NV GALLERY for High-Resolution Photos.

— In Ely, Nevada

Ely is a remote Nevada town where history, art and outdoor adventure thrive. Ely was founded in the 1870s as a stagecoach stop and trading post called Murray Station, but it would become one of the country’s major copper mining regions.

The major attractions are the Nevada Northern Railway Museum, Depot and Machine Shop which I will dedicate a separate post and gallery to and the incredible Art Murals adorning various structures in town. Here are two of my interest to view. Truly excellent! Please CLICK on the images to see the High-resolution gallery.

Links to visit:

Ely, Nevada Mural Tour
Ely, Nevada Mining History

See the ELY, NV GALLERY for High-Resolution Photos.

— Nevada Northern Railway Museum

This place is a MUST VISIT! I have toured many railroad-railway museums and nothing compares to the access you have at the Nevada Northern Railway Museum. There is a lot to see, a lot to do and there is a great gift shop. My favorite was the Walking Tour of the Main Yard ( I chose to lag behind and tour more of the incredible old machine shop and forge area in the Engine House. I even crossed paths with DIRT the Nevada Railway Cat. Please check out the High-Resolution NEVADA NORTHERN RAILWAY GALLERY.

Links to visit:

Nevada Northern Railway Museum Official Website
DIRT The Cat @ The Nevada Northern Railway

–The Donner-Reed Museum in Grantsville, Utah

Just about everyone has heard of the tragedy of the Donner Party. What most do not know are the details of this fateful trip and the numerous mistakes from day one that created such sad history. One of those fateful steps was taking too much too late and being delayed further when their unnecessarily oversized wagons were mired on the Great Salt Lake Mud Flats.

The Donner-Reed Museum in Grantsville, Utah covers this episode well. The museum is small, available by appointment and is rich in artifacts and details about the Donner-Reed failures.

Links to Visit:

Donner-Reed Museum (
The Tragedy of the Donner Party Began in Utah
High-Resolution Donner-Reed Museum Photo Gallery


Our first day to experience immense history! We are right in the middle of the diversity of the Pioneer trails at Parting Of The Ways.

I stood on the trail. It is still here. I felt history under my feet.

So much happened here. The first overland route to the west, the Pony Express, the first Telegraph route and so much more.

BTW, here is how we roll. A 15 year old, LBZ Duramax truck and 2019 Airstream. Easy-peasy, inexpensive to drive and super reliable.

Links to Visit:

Wyoming History – Parting of the Ways
High-Resolution Photo Gallery

— Check out Part 2 and Part 3 of this Wonderful Trip!

Connecting with The Old West

Radio Goldfield – KGFN

In the very trying times of the Corona Virus Pandemic in the late winter and early spring of 2020, we are truly bombarded with a fire-hose of nefarious, negative news from form all corners of our illicit media in all facets. It is sad and there are few escapes.

Then there is KFGN – Radio GoldfieldThe Voice of the Old West, which is a heartfelt, drama free venue of wonderful music, outstanding uplifting commentary and superb, original comedy every single day. KGFN is truly a gift provided by the kind of people a sane person seeks as friends.

Located in the Outback of Nevada USA, KGFN can be heard of course in Goldfield where the station resides and also in Tonopah, Beatty, Hawthorne via FM repeaters. Best of all KGFN can be heard anywhere on this planet via streaming on your Internet connection.

I recommend and invite you to listen to, patronize and perhaps donate to KGFN – Radio Goldfield. The station website is at and on FaceBook

Tell Leon The Weather Burro that sent you.

Time Capsule – 1936 Conoco Touraide Travel Guide

The 1936 US highway system
Here you can see how detailed this map is.

This Continental Oil Company travel guide was assembled for a private party back in 1936. You can see the route in the first image above. The guide is scanned into two very high resolution PDF files at 405 and 435 megabytes. Wait for the downloads to complete. When viewing the file in your computer, tablet or phone, wait for the file to completely load then zoom in and enjoy.

The files can be found here. Your best bet to view the files is via a desktop or laptop computer and via the Adobe Acrobat application.

South Park City Museum

We didn’t find Jimmy or Cartman in our visit to Fairplay, Colorado but, we did tour the South Park City Museum – one of the best period correct displays of the Frontier Mining era of Old West.

Please enjoy the extensive photo gallery found HERE.

South Park City is an open-air museum located at the west end of Front Street in the town of Fairplay in Park County, Colorado. The museum is a historic reconstruction of a mining town from the days of the Colorado Gold Rush and the later Colorado Silver Boom in South Park in the late 1850s through the 1880s.

The museum contains thirty-five authentic relocated buildings filled with over 60,000 artifacts that depict many of the economic and social aspects of life in a gold or silver mining town in Colorado in the late 19th century. Two of the buildings, the South Park Brewery and the Summer Saloon, are listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

A log structure known as “Father Dyer’s Chapel” was a hotel in Montgomery, Colorado but was dismantled, moved to Fairplay, and rebuilt as a church in 1868. It is named for John Lewis Dyer, the itinerant Methodist clergyman who preached in the area from 1861 to 1877 and is one of the sixteen founders of Colorado memorialized in the Colorado State Capitol in Denver.

The museum was opened in 1959 after two years of preparation by the South Park Historical Foundation. It is open daily from mid-May to mid-October.

2017 Solar Eclipse 360 Degree “Virtual Reality” Video

After helping some friends out at the 2017, Best In The Desert, Vegas to Reno Desert Race, we ventured up from the Pony Express Trail near Silver Springs, NV to Weiser, Idaho in the Outback of the USA to witness the Solar Eclipse in Totality. Weiser is a great little town that just suffered through a horrible winter that damaged many homes and buildings. The town pulled it all together and presented a great weekend full of festivities and small town hospitality.

The video is about 9 minutes long capturing the total eclipse a bit after 3 minutes in. During the entire duration, we witnessed the changing light and felt the temperature changes. When totality occurred, the entire town let out a cheer, which you can here on the video.

Remember, this is a 360 degree video – you can pan all around and look up or down. It’s like being there. For best results, view the video on a desktop or laptop computer. The Youtube Mobile interface for the video does not always render the 360 degree, VR experience.

You may alo want to try this link directly –

The video size is about 9 gigabytes so, you will need a fast Internet connection. Enjoy, and please feel free to share.

Update August 24th, 2017 – See this interactive map of 2017, Solar Eclipse reports.

Silverton Colorado, 2017 4th of July Parade Ride Along in 360

This came out well. We always try to participate in the Silverton 4th of July parade as it i makes for 30-45 minutes of non-stop smiles. This new 360 degree video let’s me share the experience with you. It is a very large Youtube file so, beware of that.  Once loaded and after you click the “Play” arrow, you can pan the video 360 degrees to see the crowds the fun from the Silverton Fire Department and the beauty of this OutbackUSA, small town and its surroundings. Please enjoy!

For best results, view the video on a desktop or laptop computer. The Youtube Mobile interface for the video does not always render the 360 degree, VR experience.

You may also want to try this link directly –

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