The Aspen Ski Season has been extended!!

The snow skiing enthusiasts of Aspen Colorado thank Al Gore for sticking around in town for the month of May this year. Because Al and his “Climate Change Scam” are such world leading frauds, wherever Al goes, his karma follows prompting Mother Nature to set in weather exactly the opposite of what he proclaims.

Mother Nature cooperated to make skiing an option. About 18 inches of snow fell over the last week.

Aspen Mountain will open for skiing Memorial Day weekend

The “Buy Made In USA” Promise

Donald Trump is promising a TAX REVOLUTION in America. The biggest tax cut since Ronald Reagan.

Donald, if I may, let me add to your outstanding plans –  I promise that every tax dollar I do not have to pay will be spent only on products and services made or provided in the USA. Not a penny for foreign travel. Never for foreign media, and absolutely nothing to any company or manufacturer outside of the USA!

SO, HOW ABOUT YOU? Will you make this promise?

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